Sunday, February 19, 2012

Never Give Up

this is life. it's hard and harsh. will slam you to the ground once you loose your focus. i've been through so many things that seriously i've never though that i can go through few years before. and flash back to those things now, i feel like i'm seriously stronger and i think i know why now. this is the path that i've never choose and i've never imagine that i'm gonna walk through it but i'll survive coz i've been through worse than this.

so, whenever you think that luck is not by your side, and sighing with frustration. please remember the hardship that make you stronger as what Hellen Keller said "We could never learn to be brave and patient if there were only joy in the world" indeed it is true.

never give up that's the key. as the world give you hell fight with all your might, never mind if once you lose coz you'll learn from that and keep on strike with different stroke. this is the hard battle to survive in the world.

there is nothing easy in the world, and if you quit just because of the hard thing. it shows that you're just a whimp. find you inner strength by close to God and never give up on Him as He never gave up on us. smile, keep a stiff upper lip and move forward. Good Luck my friends..!! and me..!!
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