Monday, September 17, 2012

Sekadar Menyapu Karats

gambar sekadar hiasan, curik dari google

okeh, selamat bersahur dan berpose.. saje je jengok blog  yang dah berkurun aku tak singgah, sapu habuk-habuk, kikis karat-karat yang dah mereput.

it's been five months since i started new life, new place and new people. dulu i receive orders, do what people tell me to do, and now i'm standing in the director's chair. give orders and make sure each and everything is according to my directions. seriously handling a bunch of people can be a real pain in the buttocks. you cant be too lenient yet you cant be too strict. and nak tak nak there will someone who just hate you no matter which way of your leadership you take.

When you have your underlings who have been working in the industry for more than 15 years it is sure get a little itchy  when taking orders from a rookie who just came in for few months only.

i believe i am great, i can do any task given to me. i am a fighter, but when it comes to people relationship, that my weakness. i am not a people's person. i am not good with people, my social is suck. i have never imagine that i can lead people. but i made it, as sloppy as it can be, i still can lead.

so never ever doubt yourself. just do it..!!

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