Friday, April 8, 2011

bedah siasat survivor 22 ep 8

reminder: you have to watch current episode first before further reading as it contains spoilers.

the big move.. this is the part in the survivor series where two tribe merge as one and live as one in one side of the beach and challege each other for one sole imunity. this is a great episode early 15 mins, where Matt finally won the last duel against Sarita to get back with the rest of the tribe, Murlonio.

after 15 days isolated in redemption island. i guess Matt could think better about strategies and vote off those who voted him at the first episode. but i clearly wrong because idiocracy is something that you can't fix only for 15 days, where once again Matt voted off to redemption island. that's the benefit of trusting sneaky and slicky boston rob. no doubt he's genius player. for the first time, i miss those liar and annoying Russel to accompany Rob and have two tribe strategy-social-duel where both can lead their origibal tribe to survive to top three. however non of them i rooting for the sole survivor.

for matt, he should go with his own amazing plan to ride along with zapatera and vote one after another omatepe's tribe (except adrea) and turn those sissies tribe to be the dominant players after Rob's booted out..but what's done is done and i just hope matt will be given another chance to kick Rob in the ass and put out those freaky smile on those pretty face. hahaha

anyway, as far as survivor's slogan  "Outwit, Outplay, Out Cast" goes right, Boston Rob fit the definition. but still i rooting for Matt , Andrea or Mike at least..i konw right, matt character is charming and kind of remind me to blondie from the last episode; Fabio, of course minus the inteligent and social game strategies. but still there's something about him that attract me to root for the title of sole survivor. i just clueless to find those reason behind his idiocracy and everything, but all the best for matt in the redemption island.

p/s: gigih aku tak baca spoiler minggu nih teruja nak tgk matt lawan, tapi adesss..budak tuh too immature and too innocent-naive to contest in survivor.

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