Friday, April 1, 2011

Glee's Anatomy The Musical

demmm it..musical scene just don't go right with grey's anatomy. selama 43.47 min aku tengok episode baru, cessss...jalan cerita dah menarik, memang menyentuh emosi. tapi di selang-selikan dengan scene musical..adess big time spoiler..kalao tengok graft emotion, tiap kali musical scene memang drop to the lowest point of interest..hahaha..sorry grey's crew you just don't have the talent to sing, and most of mash up song it just...hmmmm out of place. ke laut sumbang dan mambang.. sorry, to those peminat tegar.. it sadden me more than anyone to put a comment for this one..but i have to speak up jugak... because this is a great show and great episode apart from the death of George and the fail of Izzie's wedding (from previous season). but the musical just ruin everything..

i know, it suppose to be in some kind of fantasy half coma and half awake but, come on just indescribable big time turn off...

ironically speaking the positive side of this episode is music..!! when we heard the fray "how to safe a life" snow patrol" chasing cars" straight away you'll remember grey's anatomy and kind of bring back those memories of last-amazing season. and the best singing part is 'The Story" originally by Brandie Carlile sung well by Calliope..well done and still my best drama all the time..
Sara Ramirez as Caliope (Callie Torres)

keep on rocking..!!

miss those two...!!!

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